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About US

This site was made to help familiarize and prepare people of all colours and creeds (not just “White”!) about some of the events that occur at a “Brown” (specifically Sikh) wedding in Canada. The things you will learn here are meant to aid in you feeling the most comfortable and informed during a Sikh wedding of a loved one.

Why make this site?

This site was designed and developed by a web and graphic designer who is “Brown,” and edited by an engineer who is “White.” We also happen to be getting married.

Growing up in a multicultural city like Toronto, you meet people from all over the world and they become your friends and family. So obviously, you would want these important people to be present on your special day. But when so many different people get invited, most of them would have questions regarding the events.

We looked up sites that could explain things, but they were too often text heavy, used a lot of (Punjabi) words that most Canadians wouldn't know, and the information wasn’t always clearly organized. But the biggest thing that really made us want to make this site was the fact that none of them looked at what would make OTHER people attending a Sikh wedding really feel like they could participate in it, instead of just watching it from a distance.

What can you learn?

On this site you can learn about some of the important events and traditions of a Sikh wedding that you may not know about.

These include, but aren't limited to: FOOD (What you’ll be eating), CLOTHES (What you can wear), and EVENTS (Why they always say Indian weddings are a week long). We recommend that you read through all the sections if you want to be the most prepared, but if it’s the night before the big day, just look over our TOP 10 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW.

Remember, even after reading all of this, you may feel nervous or curious about things happening. That is totally expected, but remember the most important thing, like all weddings, is this is a celebration! This website was made specifically for our friends and family, but feel free to share this site! We want to help everyone have the best time at all Sikh weddings! (How could you not? They are always open bar.)

Please Note: Anything written on this site is not meant to offend anyone, “Brown,” “White” or anyone else. We genuinely wanted this site to be clear and informative, while being fun to read. In addition, if there are events or parts that will be happening at your wedding that we failed to mention, remember that every community and family has different ideas of what and when things happen. Lastly, please forgive us if you find any information that may be incorrect or unclear. We appreciate your time for viewing our site and we hope you learned everything you need through the White Guide to Brown Weddings.